The Power of OM and Meditating

OM is a vibration and it is the first sound of Creation (of the Universe). OM is the vibration of the Supreme. The vibration produces sound, without energy there would not be sound.

Painting by Maryla Wilson
         There is a phenomena in Tibet...when it is snowing, the vibration of OM shakes the snow forming the actual sign of OM on the Tibetan mountains.
         When you say OM aloud or in your mind, you stop all thinking.
The "chatter" in your mind, does not ever stop...but when you say OM, you put all the thinking on hold. On average, we hold up to 120,000 (one hundred and twenty thousand) thoughts per day; per person. This is a phenomenal figure. Just imagine, how many negative thoughts go through your mind every single day. There is no wonder, that you create problems in your life, or more of them. 

        This is why using OM as a tool for Meditation is so powerful, because you put all thinking on hold.
         Any pray is a form of Meditation. Buddhist Monks and Buddhists, as well as other people use OM for Meditating. One does not have to be a Buddhist or a Monk to use Om for meditating.
Meditating does not require any skills of religious beliefs. There is nothing, that you can do wrong when meditating with OM.

Artwork on healing crystal by Maryla Wilson
OM can be integrated with the "Power of Attraction" for manifestation. In Universe, every "Action" creates "Reaction". Every thought or word or physical action is intercepted  by the Universe and answered as "Reaction". In essence, whatever we project, we breed more of the same. This is how the "Power of Attraction" was born... To create the Life that one wants: better Health, better Wealth, better Self, Abundance, Prosperity.
         Meditation is easy: Sit in a comfortable chair with your back leaning on the back of it. Your legs uncrossed, hands on your laps, with open palms facing out as in receiving. Or you can sit on the floor in Yoga position, with crossed legs, your hands on your laps with the thumb touching the middle finger. You can have a picture in front of you or you can close your eyes and imagine, whatever you want in your Life (you can visualize the blue crystal image above or use any uplifting image you have).      
         You can also imagine yourself on a sunny beach being totally happy and free. Or can imagine being totally submerged in a beam golden light (you can use the Golden Light meditation for healing, without OM, as well). Feel the light going right through and inside of your body, going inside of your every cell. 
         Draw several slow breaths, relax, slow down your breathing, breathing deeper than normal. When you say OM, make sure it is a long singing syllable, not a blunt, short word. You can meditate aloud or in your mind. You can create your own OM dialog, for example: OM let go (OoooooMmmmmm llleeet gooo), or OM relax, OM healing...So you are like singing all of your affirmations.
         You can not get hypnotized to the point that you can not come out of it... If anything, you may fall asleep, but you will wake up refreshed. If you do fall asleep, it is a good thing...this will show that you have entered a deep state of relaxation. You do enter a state of light semi-hypnosis...to compare, watching television is like semi-hypnotic state. You are safe.
         Word of Caution!; never use OM or Affirmations to will anything bad or nasty against another person...it will backfire right back at you...as "Reaction"...Of course, I am certain, that nobody would do such a thing.
Please note: the material above is only intended for educational purposes only, it is not intended to treat any sickness, in case of you need to consult your medical practitioner.

OM the First Sound of Creation

"OM" in Sanskrit is a vibration and it is the first sound of Creation of the Universe. When God or Whoever created the Universe, it started with OM.
                The name Omkara, (Sanskrit: the syllable om) is taken as a name of God  in the Hindu revivalist Arya Samaj. Similarly, the concept of om, called onkar in Punjabi, is found in Sikh theology as a symbol of God. It invariably emphasizes God's singularity, expressed as Ek Onkar ("One Omkara" or "The Aum is One"), stating that the multiplicity of existence symbolized in the aum syllable is really founded in a singular God.
         The syllable Aum is first described as all-encompassing mystical entity in the Upanishads. Today, in all Hindu art and all over India and Nepal, 'Aum' can be seen virtually everywhere, a common sign for Hinduism and its philosophy and theology.
         As the creation began, the divine, all-encompassing consciousness took the form of the first and original vibration manifesting as sound "OM". Before creation began it was "Shunyakasha", the emptiness or the void. Shunyakasha is more than nothingness, because everything existed in a latent state of potentiality. The vibration of "OM" symbolizes the manifestation of God (Universe) in form. "OM" is the reflection of the absolute reality, it is said to be "Adi Anadi", without beginning or the end and embracing all that exists. The mantra "OM" is the name of God (Universe), the vibration of the Supreme. When taken letter by letter, A-U-M represents the divine energy (Shakti) united in its three elementary aspects: Bhrahma Shakti (Creation), Vishnu Shakti (Preservation) and Shiva (Liberation) Shakti.
         In Hinduism, Om corresponds to the crown chakra and diamond white light. (extract from wikipedia.org)

How To Expend Your Potential For Happiness

When you are sad, you are miserable. When you are miserable, you feel bad. When you feel sad and miserable, you feel lonely. When you are lonely, you are possibly feeling all alone. So, how do you reverse that ? Did you know that when you feel all of the above, you are actually ageing prematurely ?

So how do you prevent aging and being sick and the emotional roller-coaster ? This is what you do; everyday, every morning or before you go to sleep..Once or more times per day, it's up to you. Start smiling to yourself in a mirror, and tell your reflection, starring directly into your eyes: "I am a child of the Universe/God/Jesus/Buddha/Allah, I AM a Perfect creation. I am absolutely perfect. I love and approve of myself exactly as I am.. I am beautiful/handsome and I love myself exactly as I am.. I love me and I expect love and respect. I deserve love..I deserve respect...and remember, that you must  BELIEVE !!! If you don't, do you think that the Universe will believe you. Or anybody else for that matter ? Believe me, everything is written on your forehead....this invisible text. What you believe in the inside, is projected with these invisible energies to the outside world. The mirror "love exercises" work immediately. Consistently, you will see greater results.
Sometime, we have a very bad image of our self. We think that we are ugly, or too short, or too this or too that. The truth is, that we are Perfect. Until we learn, that we are absolutely perfect beings, we will have a bad body image and lots of other people (not all), will see that we are ugly. Not because we are ugly, but because we keep telling others that we are...telling, as having this invisible sign on our forehead. If you tell people that you are Fantastic, they will see it too.
Painting by Maryla Wilson
Now is the time to change that, beginning today! Beginning with yourself! What matters is, ,what is in the inside of us. Start loving yourself!  And remember, you deserve the very best! 

The Power of Forgiveness

The person that I care about needs to know sometime, that I'm human and I have made a blunder..to say "I'm sorry" it's just so simple to make things better again..and let the person that matters most know, that I am so sorry. Tomorrow is a new day, new hope and new beginnings..It is never to late.
Photograph by Maryla Wilson

Many times we do something silly or even spiteful..and sometimes, we regret it later.. How many times you think: "why did I say it ?" or "why did I do it ?" I WISH...
Many a times we regret it later.. and sometimes it takes years to realize, that we were wrong
"if I only had said "I'm sorry", just a simple sorry. It doesn't cost anything, just a little word "sorry":, "please forgive me", "please, give me another chance".

When there is forgiveness in our hearts, life is happy and beautiful..life is easier. Live forever young with kindness and compassion.. so next time you can smile in the arms of your lover with no regrets on your shoulder.
Holding unforgiveness .in your heart, can eat you alive...literally. It can make you sick, it sifts through all of your organs and cells in your body. It ages you prematurely too.
         And sometimes, it is very hard to forgive, because someone has hurt you so much. Sometimes, we are angry at ourselves, because we did something, that we can not forgive ourselves. 
Whichever way, you need to forgive; yourself or someone else., you need to let  go, move on. Other ways, you keep punishing yourself or "Them" and it cost's you your health and happiness, and it influences negatively all area of your Life. You deserve better!
         There is great exercise which you can implement into your Life. It will be hard at the beginning, but it will get easier as time go's on. Every night, when you go to bed, lay down comfortably, close your eyes. In your mind, look back at all the people who have ever hurt you. Work on one person at a time. Look straight into their face and say "I forgive you DON / EVE, I forgive you and I wish you Good Luck". "And I forgive myself for being hurt.". Then do the next person, etc..It is that simple. Keep forgiving this person until you will know, that all the hurt and resentment has melted and it is gone. 
         And every night, go quickly through your day, and if there is somebody new needing your forgiveness, do your Forgiveness affirmation. Good Luck and to Your Health! You deserve the best!