The Power of Forgiveness

The person that I care about needs to know sometime, that I'm human and I have made a blunder..to say "I'm sorry" it's just so simple to make things better again..and let the person that matters most know, that I am so sorry. Tomorrow is a new day, new hope and new beginnings..It is never to late.
Photograph by Maryla Wilson

Many times we do something silly or even spiteful..and sometimes, we regret it later.. How many times you think: "why did I say it ?" or "why did I do it ?" I WISH...
Many a times we regret it later.. and sometimes it takes years to realize, that we were wrong
"if I only had said "I'm sorry", just a simple sorry. It doesn't cost anything, just a little word "sorry":, "please forgive me", "please, give me another chance".

When there is forgiveness in our hearts, life is happy and beautiful..life is easier. Live forever young with kindness and compassion.. so next time you can smile in the arms of your lover with no regrets on your shoulder.
Holding unforgiveness .in your heart, can eat you alive...literally. It can make you sick, it sifts through all of your organs and cells in your body. It ages you prematurely too.
         And sometimes, it is very hard to forgive, because someone has hurt you so much. Sometimes, we are angry at ourselves, because we did something, that we can not forgive ourselves. 
Whichever way, you need to forgive; yourself or someone else., you need to let  go, move on. Other ways, you keep punishing yourself or "Them" and it cost's you your health and happiness, and it influences negatively all area of your Life. You deserve better!
         There is great exercise which you can implement into your Life. It will be hard at the beginning, but it will get easier as time go's on. Every night, when you go to bed, lay down comfortably, close your eyes. In your mind, look back at all the people who have ever hurt you. Work on one person at a time. Look straight into their face and say "I forgive you DON / EVE, I forgive you and I wish you Good Luck". "And I forgive myself for being hurt.". Then do the next person, etc..It is that simple. Keep forgiving this person until you will know, that all the hurt and resentment has melted and it is gone. 
         And every night, go quickly through your day, and if there is somebody new needing your forgiveness, do your Forgiveness affirmation. Good Luck and to Your Health! You deserve the best!

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